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Along the Flavors of the Queen City tour, you will have the opportunity to sample the cuisine and local delicacies of 6, sometimes 7, different restaurants. Learn more about some of the restaurants located along the tour such as the variety of food and the distinct atmosphere of each destination.

Our restaurant selections are always changing and some of our Flavors tours may visit French Crust, Rheingeist, Skyline Chili (for our out of town guests), 3 Sweet Girls Cakery, Corkopolis and Holtmans donut shop.

  • Visit 6-7 restaurants
    Tours are on Fridays and Saturdays at 1:00 PM
    Tours take 3 hours to complete, so wear your walking shoes
    Learn about area’s history and the German influence on the community
    Speak with some of the chefs about their dishes
    The tour begins in the heart of Cincinnati at Fountain Square
    Tours are $54 per person
    The oldest food tour in Cincinnati

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We Olive – Food and Wine Destination

We Olive are perfect for lovers of food and wine. Their mission is to give Cincinnati the most delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar and to educate you about the olive oils that are best for you. You will be delighted by their fruity and outstanding olive oils and viscous balsamic. You will learn to roll the oil around your tongue, delight in their wonderful flavors, and get expert advice and guidance on food and wine pairing.


Enjoy Lalo

Lalo is one of our newest restaurants on the Flavors tour. How can I describe their food!! A blend of Latino and Asian Influences that are carefully crafted that will “tease” your tastebuds …



Via Vite – Classic Italian Dishes

Via Vite is a contemporary Italian bistro located in Fountain Square offering a creative twist on classic Italian dishes. They also offer exclusive gelato flavors made by Madisono’s at Findlay Market. The two-level outdoor terrace overlooking the square is a perfect spot to truly take in the sights, sounds, and the flavors of the Queen City.




Delectable Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s was started in 1870 by a German immigrant and is now operated by a fourth generation of the Graeter family. The secret of their delicious ice cream is the 5-gallon “French Pots” that gives the ice cream a high density with a low percentage of air. A pint a Graeter’s ice cream weighs in at a pound compared to 8 ounces of other high-quality ice cream brands.


Venice on Vine – The Only Nonprofit Restaurant in the Area

Venice on Vine is the only nonprofit restaurant in the Cincinnati area. Founded by Sr. Judy Tensin and Sr. Barbara Wheeler to provide training to inner city residents in the restaurant business. Each slice of pizza represents not only a good meal, but also faith reinvested in the neighborhood. They were awarded best pizza by Cincinnati Magazine.



Past Locations

Avril’s Meat Market and Sandwich Shop

Avril’s has been a Cincinnati Staple since 1894. Avril’s is the last butcher shop on the edge of Over the Rhine operating in Cincinnati. They provide many restaurants, butcher shop, and food trucks with custom meats. With this reputation, how could the sandwich shop be any different? Using 125 years’ old recipes, with over 50 different recipes for sausage and smoked meats, sandwiches made from scratch and Goetta Rubens that are to “die for” – Welcome to Avril’s sandwich shop.

Get Fresh Sandwiches From Tom + Chee

Tom + Chee resonates back to a time when a hot bowl of soup and the dripping splendor of a grilled cheese sandwich could erase the cares of the world. What began in a Fountain Square tent is now a full-service restaurant. This restaurant features good-for-the-soul tomato soup, grilled cheese, and delicious variations on many of Mom’s old favorites.