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Flavors of the Queen City is a walk-through of Cincinnati’s rich culinary tradition of unique restaurants, dishes, and flavors – one bite at a time. Our walking tour of downtown’s local restaurants will introduce you to the world-famous Cincinnati chili, quaint diners, mouthwatering entrées, and the finest desserts that can only be found right here in the Queen City. We offer a 10% discount on online booking of streetcar food tours.

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After graduating from Midwestern Culinary in 2009, I began Flavors of the Queen City in 2010. My goal was to share my love of food and my love of Downtown Cincinnati with others who may not have been familiar with all there is to taste, see, and do here. Looking back, I can say that we’ve accomplished that goal, sharing great food and good times with so many fun and interesting people.

Food is and always will be a passion of mine, but the best part of hosting the Flavors of the Queen City tour is the people I continue to meet. We learn about each other, sharing our own stories and insights about food and the places we live. That’s why the appeal of the Flavors tour goes far beyond this city’s culinary delights. For me, it comes down to one word – experience.

A Flavors tour really is more than I ever intended. It’s a very personal way to experience our city, its people, our rich history, and our unique foods. You’ll meet the restaurateurs who work hard to create special experiences, not just meals. You’ll meet new people, some from other cities,

 some from other countries, some who live across town.

You’ll stroll past buildings, hat shops, cigar shops, newsstands, retailers, and entertainment venues that have been part of our history, and some that are fueling Downtown Cincinnati’s renaissance. You’ll hear the stories behind what you pass on the street – nuggets of history that may surprise even long-time residents. Most of all, you’ll experience a delicious variety of foods that are part of the Cincinnati palate.

I love food and I love Cincinnati. I hope that we have a chance to meet, take a walk, have a chat, and share this unique Cincinnati experience. Join me for a Flavors of the Queen City tour.